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Hello Neighbour: Single Moms Can

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Hello and welcome to Single Mom of Teenage Son, a blog where I'll be sharing my journey as a single mother raising a teenage boy. My name is Anneice, and I am thrilled to be starting this blog to connect with other single parents who may be going through similar experiences. Being a single parent can be challenging, and being a single mom to a teenage son comes with its unique set of challenges. I hope to share my experiences, and provide tips, and advice to fellow single parents through this blog.

My Story:

I became a single mom when my son, AJ, was quite young, I would say since birth (long story for another time). At the time, I was working full-time, and I was scared about how I would manage to raise my son on my own. However, with the help of my family and friends, I was able to navigate the ups and downs of single parenthood.

As my son grew older, I realized that being a single mom to a teenage boy would be a different ball game altogether. Teenagers are going through so many changes, and it can be hard for them to communicate their feelings effectively. As a parent, it's essential to be patient and understanding, but it's not always easy.

Challenges of Being a Single Mom of a Teenage Son:

Raising a teenage son as a single mom comes with its set of unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with your son's emotions. Teenage boys can go through mood swings and feel overwhelmed with their emotions. As a parent, it can be tough to understand why they're feeling a certain way and how to help them cope.

Another challenge is teaching your son how to be a responsible adult. As a single mom, you're the only parent in your son's life, and it's your responsibility to teach him important life skills like managing finances, cooking, cleaning, and more. It can be daunting, but it's essential to set your son up for success in the future.

Tips for Single Moms of Teenage Sons:

Here are some tips that I've found helpful in raising my teenage son as a single mom:

  1. Communication is key: As mentioned earlier, teenage boys can struggle to communicate their feelings effectively. As a parent, it's important to create a safe space where your son feels comfortable sharing his feelings with you. Encourage open communication and listen without judgment. I talk more about this in my book Parent Peace: Communicating with Your Teenage Son

  2. Set boundaries: Teenagers need boundaries to feel safe and secure. As a parent, it's important to set clear rules and consequences for breaking them. Be firm but fair, and stick to the consequences you've set. Your child might not be pleased with the set boundaries, but be confident that you are acting in a way that will keep him safe. Do not overdo it, though. It is the tendency of single parents to hang on too tight and stifle their children. Remember to look at things from your child's point of view. If you can give a little slack, then do it.

  3. Spend quality time together: In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's important to make time for your son. Plan activities that you both enjoy and spend quality time together. It's a great way to bond and create lasting memories. My son and I love watching movies together. Even though he is a teenager we both seek out movies that we know interest each other. We carve out time at least once a month to watch a show or movie together. If there is a new movie coming out we make a date to see it together. If there is a show he is watching he will tell me about it to see if I am interested in watching it. If I do not watch it, that does not stop him from telling me about interesting episodes or facts he learned from it.

  4. Seek support: Being a single parent can be lonely at times. It's important to seek support from family, friends, or a support group for single parents. It can be helpful to talk to someone who's going through similar experiences and get advice or support. I must admit that I do not have a huge circle of friends and family that I have for support, and when I migrated to Canada six years ago, that circle got even smaller. It was very hard to cope with moving to a new country and garnering support. But, I had my mother, which took off a bit of the pressure. The point is to have at least one person, and then build from there. I know that it can be hard to trust people with your child and your feelings, to talk to someone about your struggles, but it's worth it with the right community.

Being a single mom of a teenage son can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. Through this blog, I hope to share my experiences, provide tips, and connect with other single parents. Remember, you're not alone, and there's always support available. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.


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